Thursday, October 17, 2013

Held Hostage

Time for the final batch of minis that I thought could be fun for Zombicide.  These are hostages from Armorcast.  Perfect for Malls or workplace hostage situations.  Rescue the hostages before the Zombies munch on 'em!

These were also part of the set of officers, SWAT teams and criminals that I painted back in 2007 and 2008.

As with the other sets, these would be just the right scale to go with those zombies!

It's dangerous at those malls!

And now for the whole set...

Rolling rocks downhill

I was doing some cover art photography, so I decided to set up a few arrangements for blog posts.  Let's start with the basic terrain.

Some of you have seen the way I produce these hills in previous posts.  These things have proven to be very playable and very durable.

Of course, I always love my big rocks made out of 'useless' scraps!

I still fondly remember the day I discovered this idea, completely by accident.  From what I can recall, I had a few pieces left over from cutting the main hills, and pondered what could be done with them.  One piece happened to be sitting upright in the scrap box, which must have given me the idea.

Tack on some tree branches, flock and a few Woodland Scenics trees, and you have yourself some very fun terrain.  

I shot some images of the Lord of the Rings Elves on this setup, which was very fun!  Those are for tomorrow night I think...