Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Warrior's Heart

While many of the fantastic busts from Black Heart Models are of the Horror movie genre, the line of historical busts has also bee fun to paint!  I have already tackled the Genghis Khan bust, with Ivan and Hannibal coming soon to a live session.

In the meantime, here is Geronimo, a bust which posed a unique set of challenges.

For obvious reasons, there are no color references to go by, so I had to extrapolate from other sources.  I had even toyed with a sepia tone concept, but that extra challenge of attempting to make the skin colors believable for this subject had to go forward!

I had also contemplated some designs for the pedestal that would have reflected the nation of Geronimo, but, it seemed to me it would only distract from the bust itself.  A muted and condensed color set was required for the face and clothes, so patterns or colors of any kind would not have worked very well.

You can see the design that I put on the Genghis Khan bust here:

I have done two live sessions so far on these Black Heart Models busts, with more on the way.  I am also creating a special recorded and edited video on a few others which will be made available to my Pateron subscribers: