Monday, September 15, 2014

Shading the Interceptor

With the glazing and shading completed, it was time to start working back into those middle tones that you hear me harping about!

It is during this stage that I pick out more precise colors... in this case, putting more blueish grays in the metal areas.  I even mix some of my glaze colors into the regular paint, which makes it more translucent.  That means that my previous shading will show through!

It was also necessary to get the glowing red areas involved as well.

So much of the interesting colors and shades are included in the middle tone areas.  Granted, they must be very subtle, but it adds a tremendous amount of depth to your overall shading.

In effect, you are 'sculpting' the shapes with these layers.  You can see more and more detail and depth emerge.

This method also allows me to make adjustments on the fly.  I have the option to take the 'final' colors in a different direction from the original plan, since these are such subtle layers, and I am working only in one section of the value scale, not the lights and darks.

Once he was on the base, all the color choices start to come together.  The final pictures will be next!  Stay tuned!