Friday, May 22, 2015

A Spirit in the Sky

A new addition joins my Warrior Nation posse.  He is Sky Spirit, and you can see by the next few images that I made some alterations on the base to make it appear a little more in line with my own style.

I used bark and Sand Paste to create the additional texture.

These views also show the texture which was added, and the straw.  That stringy straw like material is very nice for tall grass, or even for some kind of dried underbrush.

Now for the painted results!  

As with most Warrior Nation, his weapon glows blue with energy from the Great Spirit.

I think he will make an excellent wingman for the Great Fire Eagle!

As usual, I didn't want to paint him the same color that I have been seeing.  Brown and white were out... so a crow came to mind.  This was perfect, since I painted Geronimo as a black bear.

This will also set the theme for my warriors as well.  I think I will be doing lots of black warpaint on them.  The moment where a true color scheme coalesces and comes to life is one of my favorite moments in army painting!

Just one more to go!

Here's the next to last Dragoon for you!

I'm still searching for some terrain that will look neat for the group shots. :-)