Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Charge me up!

Is your Iron Horse running a bit slow... running down on its RJ-1027 fuel source?

Well, just head on over to your nearest charging station, and it will have you back up to speed in a jiffy!

This is a fun little kit that Lathan made after seeing the charging stations I made using the leftover punch outs and pieces from other Burn in Designs kits.

It was scaled to work with all the light supports... Blackjacks, Dust Cutters, Interceptors, you name it!

The view from above shows the station with the boardwalk sections.  I can't wait to work on the new ones!

Deputy Beringer of the Lawmen seems to be taking charge of the situation as well.

It was fun to get some toasty RJ glow in this version of the charging station.

The store and wagons are also Burn in Designs kits.

Still much more to come for Wappelville!!! Stay tuned.


As you have already seen several times, I want to use these Artizan Miniatures western figures as NPC deputies for our Wild West Exodus games.

When we do scenarios such as the huge brawl in the massive gaming hall, these additional figures will increase the mayhem even more!!