Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Going out Clubbing

I'm not sure where this guy came from, but it was certainly interesting to paint!  The request was to have his skin tones be a combination of pale hues, with a darkened nose.

The figure was the kind of plastic that you find in a board game piece, so I'm assuming that it might be part of the Blood Rage game or something.  Having done all those historical pieces of late, playing with all the subtle differences in brownish tones was no trouble at all!

To get any kind of interest in large areas of similar tones such as this, you have to seek in greens and grays wherever possible.  Not only does this make the brown less monotonous, but it begins to reflect the environment around him, with all the deep green foliage.

That helps to set him into that environment, and make him look as if he were a part of it,  as opposed to simply being dropped into it!