Monday, June 16, 2014

Preparing the Ancients

Here's a few shots of the completed bases.

I can see the designs changing as I fell my way through the look of the army.  Ideas will come to me as I work on these initial test figures.

Obviously, lots of fluorescent paint.  I am leaning towards pinkish glow for the Gauss weapons.

That should be a nice contrast to the green, just as it was for the Tomb Kings!  The Ushabti were a great example of that.

The Necros themselves will definitely be getting a lot of blue.  Not so sure about golds at this stage.

I will see how that all works out.  And so will you!  Stay tuned.

Being a flake

Armed with my new jar of Mica flake gel from Vallejo, it was time to try out the material on an actual base for a figure.

The figure is a Reaper mini... Alastriel.  The broken column pieces are from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  First, I applied some Oxide Paste to fill out the open areas between the columns.

The Mica flakes were added to create the ground cover of leaves.

Time to get to the painting!  Starting out with some neutral grays and browns.

Lightening with some green/gray.

Now for the splash of color on the leaves!

Getting warmer... and lighter.

A little more color on the skull.

A few glazes helped to tone down and tint the ground cover.

More darks applied.

A few tufts of grass, and it's all set!!