Monday, December 14, 2015

The King is Dead

Meet Vardus the Interred, a very fun Reaper miniature that has served me well over the years in my Lord of the Rings armies.

This was a fantastic exercise in the balance of muted purples, greens, teals and siennas to achieve the ethereal effect that I wanted, but also convey the sense of decay and age.

This meant that I was mixing many of the colors with each other, as doing so helps to keep things toned down and muted.

He's also here:

Cruise Control

The Reaver Jetbikes return!  

Since the display board for the army was a fortress/hippodrome, there was a great deal of mosaic tile included on the bases.

While the mosaic designs helped carry the theme throughout the entire army, it also served a practical purpose.  The sculpey chunk on this base weighs a lot more than the figure, so it was the perfect counter weight!

I have a number of blog posts about the construction of the display board, and of the painting process.  This is one of the final posts showing the painting process:

It was certainly a lot of fun to create!