Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting back on track

Let's return to the main event!

The painting of the arena is basically done, so there are some details that need to be taken care of.

Such as the pillars!  A nice big batch of pillars.  There were a few colors laid on on the palette... a light a middle tone and a dark.  Working quickly, I rotated the pillar in one hand as the brush moved across it with the other.  I was able to keep the paint wet enough that I could blend the colors together right on the surface.

The track is now fully painted, and the Emperor's platform is now in place.  There is a metal sheet on there, for structural stability and strong magnetic hold.

There was one other element that platform was supposed to hold (and hide), and that was one of my under-cabinet lights.  This would get some light on the inside of the arena in the darkness of the tournament room.

Ironically, the room would be even darker as day turned into night with the extreme storms.

You can also see the finishing post in place for the first time.  The wolf statue and the column were both magnetized.

Just about ready to get the columns glued in place.

Before the upper levels could be glued in, I had to do some freehand work.

And here it is.  You can see the mosaic and the patterns drawn out on a few of the surfaces.  Look familiar? It is on as many of the bases as I could replicate, particularly the troops and bikes, etc.  

I used a permanent marker to create it, which was perfect.  It would have been extremely difficult to work out with a brush, given all the walls that would make the angle very awkward.  Time was also very short, and this took no time at all!

With the freehand complete, the upper level could finally be put in place!!

There was more freehand that I would have liked to try, but nobody would have seen it.  I sort of learned that lesson on the Tomb Kings board.

Check it out!!  The painting is done.  I added some flock to this to get a hint of colors that were not present on the board.  It also gave a bit of texture.  I will try and get some images of the army on the board for you.

My plan is to put the army on here again, and take some video.  A little practice using the microphone for voice overs.  I don't expect to do that very much for the painting videos, but I want to be ready just in case. :-)


  1. zomg this is gonna look insane!
    do show us some pics with minis on it once its finished.

  2. This is all brilliant. I think the columns are one great addition that helps to really give it its character.

    1. Wedding cake columns are very neat, but I did like making my own!