Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pondering the future...

I will be wrapping up some of the Dark Eldar coverage in the next week or two with more images of the finished vehicles that I did not have time to shoot prior to Adepticon, as well as some images of the army on the board.

Looking ahead towards future Adepticon, I am trying to lay out a framework for the next army.  It would definitely involve the Raging Heroes female Imperial Guard.  Depending on what is available, it might either be all IG, or a mixture of IG and Sisters of Battle.

I already have a ton of SOB that are prepped, based, and even partially painted.  It would be a blast to scratch build Exorcist tanks and such. :-)  This would dramatically reduce the amount of time it would take to make the army ready for Adepticon as well.

I also have a story and an army board idea to go with it.  The board would be a 'cutaway' of a hive city, where the poor districts are "down below", and the convent of the Sisters is in the clouds.  Essentially, they recruit among the members of this all female IG army, taking only the ones which they feel are most worthy of serving.

There are a few practical elements here.  Judging by what happened in the tourney this year, I need more minis (preferably those with 3+ saves) and armies that can benefit from bringing their own terrain along with them.  And tanks.

The vehicles provide lots of scratch building opportunities, which makes any army a lot more fun, and customizable.


  1. I would look forward to seeing your take on SoB. I played them in a few tournis in previous editions of 40k, and they are fun and usually well recieved. Not the most well rounded of armies, but who needs to be when you can outnumber marines and outlast everyone else? And you're right about the tanks... Tons of conversion potential.

    1. The Raging Heroes figures will be fantastic with this project. They will work out quite nicely with the hive world mentality. The wide range of characters and regular units they have planned should give me more than enough options...