Saturday, October 27, 2012

The view from above...

Time for a different perspective on the newly completed chariot.  These top views give a better look at the base.

Here are a few images with both of the converted Tomb King chariots!

Khand do spirit: finished images!

OK!  We have the first set of completed images!  More coming later.

I repeated the same iconography from the previous chariots of the "Sun and the Serpent", with the sun symbol altered by their association with the Easterlings.

The last chariot is one of the "official" GW chariots, so that has been very different to paint than these last few.  I will probably be working the last bits of that over the next few days, among other things!

The Foundry mini looks so perfect in the chariot!  It seems much better in relation to the Tomb King chariot in terms of scale.  

The drivers of the 'official' versions seem way too tall.  No biggie.  I just hope they do really well in the tournament.  I am counting on the fact that you probably never see any chariots, much less four of them.

Stay tuned for the top views of this chariot, as well as the group shot with the other converted chariot!

We Khand do it: Another converted Chariot

For the overnight hours, we have some WIP shots of another converted Khandish chariot.  As with the previous version, I used a Tomb Kings chariot, chopping off 1/2 inch from the howdah and the yoke.  The base is cork and sculpey, and the horses are from the Rohan riders set.

I used green stuff to make the 'saddles' on the horses, as well as some tassels and straps.

I sculpted fur on the chariot to make it match the 'official' versions, and added a few trophy heads.  Gondor chief among them.

This warrior figure is, I believe, a Foundry miniature, although I could be wrong.  It is from a blister of 5 Samurai warriors.  It worked out great!

Stay tuned tomorrow when the finished pics are posted!!