Thursday, April 9, 2015

Double trouble

More Thralls...

Ten of this type, twenty overall.

I'm looking forward to taking pictures of these guys next to the huge transport!

Stay tuned!!

Ganging up

OK, the Three Amigoes all in one place!

I think these group shots really are the best indicator of how unusual these figures are.

The nature of the robes, shoulder mounted guns, and the giant halberds make for so many challenges.

You have no choice but to paint them completely assembled, and that creates all sorts of logistical issues.

There's also a lot of activity deep into the crevices, and they are not easy to get at without any of the weapons in the way!

Three more of these have been completed, so eventually you will see group shots of all six Myrmidons, and then the three Destructors to put the total at nine!  Yikes!