Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Standing for all time...

The Obelisk!  Painted for the box art of the video, the credits, and such.

It will also make some nice Khemri terrain!

It is always a blast to see pink insulation foam transformed in this way :-)

The Tainted Pharaoh will be very happy!


Several projects required green stuff today, so I added a few things to the combo scratch build/bitz terradons.

As you might remember from the last post on these guys, I needed to get some green stuff on the joints where the plastic pieces and Apoxy Sculpt met.

I added some to the neck and to the legs, filling out any gaps and smoothing out textures where needed.

I also added some collars for the reigns to attach, and some rings on the tail to add more terradon bitz as decoration.

I dug out some old terradon bases, since I just wanted to see what I had.  I was also curious how the attachments on the hanging rocks was going to work out.

I wanted to keep that ball and socket joint, since I would like to be able to attach these to some of those pieces of Lizardman terrain.

It seems like the experiment continues to succeed quite well!!!  Stay tuned for more!