Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tank Busters

Now for something quite different!  I've been holding on to these for a while... some Flames of War miniatures.  As you can see by the lead image, this is a much smaller scale than the typical 28mm that you usually see here.

While I am working with one color group or another, I always have something on hand that would require similar shades.  This greatly enhances efficiency, and allows me to make progress on many fronts at once.  "Assembly line" style is not enough by itself to accomplish the needed work loads.

Also, this tiny vehicle was painted exclusively with the 'giant' #8 round craft brushes, even the smallest details.

These types of figures also give me a bit of relief from the constant bombardment of similar miniatures or genres.  Doing these very unrelated projects offers a fresh perspective, and a bit of a break from the norm.

Providing such breaks is essential for preventing any kind of boredom or burnout.  I had an incredible amount of fun playing around with the limited palette on this as I painted a number of bases, fur cloaks, etc.  I believe the total time on this was about 100 minutes.

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Here's a fun figure from the old War Crow line.  I know that Corvus Belli does the Infinity line of miniatures, but I am not sure what happened with the 'fantasy' theme figures.

We used to paint a lot of War Crow figures back in the day.

This one is called Kisawa Hana, and she also has a little gnome buddy!

She's also here: