Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ilyad Skeleton Character

We return to the wonderful world of Ilyad Miniatures.  This is yet another example of how nice the sculpting was on these figures.  While the armor and swords were almost always very intricate on these, it was almost easier to paint them than the simpler swords on other miniature lines.

Sometimes undead figures can be more difficult to paint as the sculpting is not so great.  In the attempt to make the armor look aged and damaged, all the detail is muddled.  Not so where!

The base is made from sculpey, as usual. ;-)

I had some fun with a bit of verdi-gris on the armor.

Sidhe Dragon Rider from Celtos

The Celtos miniature range was always a favorite of mine.  I think that Brigade Miniatures purchased that line.  The Sidhe were the Elves.  You have seen a few dioramas that I have posted in the past using the Sidhe.

At some point, I still want to GM a game using the Slaine RPG system.  The Celtos minis are perfect for that!!

I have some more recently discovered Celtos minis coming along soon... stay tuned!

Gunther: Ilyad Miniatures Guardian

This post has some close up images of the miniature I used for the diorama.  Ilyad always sculpted the armor very nicely, without those crazy anomalies that leave you guessing how the heck you are supposed to paint it!

The cloaks were always straightforward as well.  Each figure had a lot of personality to the armor, but they were fun to paint!

Here are some more close ups of the mini and the diorama...

One last view of the mural before all the foliage materials were applied!