Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bloody Skies

The favorite part of my Dark Eldar army project was the conversion of all my Reaver Jetbikes!!

The sprues came with a variety of left over bits, and that allowed me to do some very fun additions to the bikes, such as extra fins and hull sections.

Here's a quick view of other conversions:

I was able to make completely unique designs for each bike, which was a blast!!

She's also here:

Golden Girl

This is one of just a few GW Seraphim that I ever had in the army.  I put more gold on this than on the others, which meant that I could pick up on a bit more of the green reflections.

Green and purples are always a good midtone and dark area shades.

One of my 53 Painting Pyramid videos covers the painting of Gold Non Metallic Metals.  Here's a few screen captures from the filming:

You can find those on USB drives at Kings Hobbies and Games!

She's also here: