Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Raging Brunhilde

This represented the last of the 'standard' painting videos.  After this one, it was about more 'exotic' materials such as the powdered pigments and so on.

One last time... a row of paint jars!

This was one of the larger arrays of colors on the palette.

Another color sketch!  Trying to illustrate how gold is the most reflective of the non-chrome NMM's.

The much more complicated Shaded Basecoat.

And then many rounds of glazing.

And tinting, and shading.

Colors back out onto the palette.  Sometimes I really like this stage, because it is the time that I mix regular paint with my glaze colors.

Just about there!

Here she is... Miss Konisgmark

I will continue to do some more 'finish' work on this figure, since that is going to take at least another 3 hours...

Then she will really match the standard bearer version!


  1. I'm sad I missed the kickstarter, but these videos sound great. I hope there will be a dvd set I can buy!

    1. Do not fear! This is just the beginning. Later this year the videos will be available to everyone. Also, I will be creating new video titles to expand the list...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the kind words, and stopping by at the Blog!

  3. I'll be another one wanting some of your painting dvds when they come out, this stuff is inspirational. You've probably already been asked this but what yellow did you use for the gold?

    1. If you check out the pictures early in the post, you will see the colors used. The actual colors are less important than the type of colors. I didn't necessarily make people buy a specific color :-)