Monday, March 18, 2013

The racing teams assemble...

OK!  With the jetbikes being the featured part of the army (and the fluff!), I had to make sure that we had some interesting stuff going on with them.  This is one of the two groups of bikes that I have been working on...

Lots of bits went into these!  In the effort to make each bike and rider unique, I pirated extra parts from other bikes, vehicle sprues, and even wyche sprues.

Here's a few closer images of the bikes...

Most of the splinter rifles are magnetized, so I can change those out if I ever get the points.

I also magnetized the cluster caltrops, since those are a huge part of the plan!!

So let's go racin'!  I have a few group shots of the other batch, which is already primed!


  1. Awesome how do you plan the bases? To look like that great stuff

    1. If you look in the Basing techniques section, you will see all kinds of fun basing ideas!