Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Paladin

I have enjoyed every Siren Miniatures figure that I have painted.  Even in the Dwarf characters, there is a great deal of dynamism to the poses, and lots of fun details.

This is the latest in the long line of dwarf characters, which will soon be joined by some very fun female assassins!

A while back, I used to paint metals with a combination of seafoam green and pinks.  Since I have been painting more weathered metals for Steampunk Wild West and WW2 figures, that has not been the case of late.

However, you can see that color scheme on full display here!  I had a lot of fun contrasting those pink and purples with the teals, also providing a few accents of yellowish green in the reflected light in the shadow areas.

I wanted the sword to have a slight luminescence about it, so I used a few high chroma glazes to make it stand out a tiny bit.  And of course, some of these colors were introduced onto the armor as well!

The triple play of contrast is on display here, starting with the obvious differences in value.  Second, there is the "red vs green" opposing colors (in the form of purple vs teal).  Third, I have very saturated colors next to muted tones.  Thus, three levels of contrast.

What this will do is give the viewer more interesting things to look at on a figure that appears to be a limited palette exercise when you first see it.  It also means that one can look at it many times, and still see something new.

Here is the Siren website, which has all kinds of amazing figures available!

He's also here: