Monday, May 27, 2013

When allergies attack...

So, what do you do when you are in the midst of a 5 day allergy attack when you can barely speak and your eyes feel as if they have been soaked in gasoline?  Do you shut things down and mash your face against the wall to take your mind off of it?

Of course not!  You do more prep work.  Among many things I tried to work on during this episode, I prepped more Kickstarter minis.  Here we see the washing of the next round of big guys from CoolMini and Ultraforge...

And another batch of Raging Heroes fantasy Blood Vestals.  Here is a little step by step of the baked sculpey bases for them.  We begin with broken pieces of baked sculpey.

The pieces are carved into shape, leaving enough room for the footprint of that miniature.  That footprint is marked on the base, and the holes are drilled.

With the holes drilled, the miniature can be temporarily placed on the base to make sure everything is fine.

Another batch of Raging Heroes miniatures ready for priming!

I was also getting two Gamezone wolves ready for the Painting Fur video.

The bases were extra heavy road construction cork, with some skulls added from Secret Weapon.  Once the cork was in place, I added the rocks and gravel.

The wolves are also ready for priming!!  The color test mini will be painted in the next day or so...

The dead rise... again.

Just can't keep these guys down.  Not with chainsaws, shotguns or flamethrowers.  They just keep comin' back.  Looking for more brains.

Cathy actually played her Zombiecide game, and it seemed like fun was had by all.  And brains were consumed...

Zombies Attack!