Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Great Crystal Forest

Today we have the next objective marker from The Edge Awakening series.  The last crystal and stone marker was done in a classic green, so I thought I would paint this one in classic reds!

Just as I did with the green crystals, I tried to vary the shades as much as possible, so that some of the reds would be cooler (more blueish) and others more yellow, or warmer.

When you have a very repetitive surface set like this, it's very important to have that variety of color shades, or it will get quite boring to look at.

This set of images gives you a scale reference, and a view down into the crystal patch...

Side by side with the green crystals.  Here's a link to one of my Painting Pyramid videos, called Green with envy.  It's one of five "color theory" videos I made concentrating on specific colors.

I cover Reds, Blues, Yellows, Greens and even Gray!  They are available as a set from Kings Hobbies and Games.  A link to the video preview:

and to Kings:

One last picture to show what the crystals look like next to an actual miniature!

Again, these were part of a recent campaign by The Edge Awakening.  Two more markers await, so stay tuned.

The First Age

This is a little different color palette for you.  If you recall the recent ruminations here about new palette influences and what had been my palette for years, this guy tells a story.

This bright blue and gold NMM was a "go-to" kind of color combo for me.

I think you can see a substantial difference between something like this and the more muted earth tones and grayed down color palettes of recent pieces.

It's not to say that I am not using bright colors.  In fact, I use far brighter tones now than I ever did before!  Much of that is in the form of the Vallejo Fluorescent paints, but it still counts!

He's also here: