Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Great Big Bug!!

Whoa!  Look at the size of that varmint! 

Stomping through the Weird West, we have the new King Scarab from Wild West Exodus.

He is the Heavy Support for The Watchers, the new alien invader faction.  This is one of four new factions released from the Unfinished Business kickstarter.

To give you an idea of scale, the base is the size of a DVD!

This monstrous beast can tear up just about anything.

You can see from these images that he's enjoying a meal right about now.

By the way, the majority of those rocks you see on his base are part of the figure set.

I added a few additional rocks to fill out the base.  Just like the Greys Hired Hands, I had to get creative with tinting the gray colors.  Some had more of a blueish tint, others more greenish, some almost pink.  It is even more crucial on a massive thing like this to create as much difference in the shades as possible, otherwise it would get quite boring to look at!

This was painted to match the concept art, by the way.  And yes... it was all shades of gray!  More warm grays than anything else, so I needed to expand on that range.

These images include a few of those hired hands, which are standard size infantry.  Now you can really see how colossal this guy is!  Wait until you see Buggy next to Old Stompy!

Stay tuned...