Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Fungus Among Us: A future basing tutorial

I had a lot of fun creating bases for these little goblins from Aenor Miniatures.  So much fun, I thought I would film a quick how to video on that process!

As I mentioned, most of these are from Aenor Miniatures, and here's a link to the site:

The main parts of the bases were made using the tree bark and oxide paste process.  The mushrooms were made from green stuff, and painted with a combo of regular miniatures paint and the Moss & Lichen texture paint from Vallejo.

I had to match previous bases that you have already seen on the trolls, so the mushrooms had to be kept to the same scale and color.  This tutorial will be available on the Patreon Page for the folks who have signed up for the Basing or Army Painter pledge levels!