Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ranger Rick will guide you

Sometimes, when just about everything is frustrating the heck out of you, it is necessary to go off the reservation.  Since I had set aside a bunch of the Reaper Bones figs for Zombicide, there was a ready made project that would be quite different from everything else.

I got the idea after seeing Rich's very cool character that he created for Zombicide:

I quickly sketched out what Ranger Rick's abilities might be.  The miniature was already selected!

Guillotene Games has all sorts of great resources for you to download... scenarios, cards, and player sheets!  Using one of the player sheets that I downloaded, I did some machinations in photoshop and voila!

While watching the last of the All Star game at the end of a very very long day, I painted up the miniature.  So if Zombies ever find their way into the National Parks, consider them defended!

Playing in the mud

Amongst the myriad tasks of this week, I did a lot of work with weathering, focusing on the Secret Weapon Miniatures tank.  I decided to paint it in the colors of my new IG army.

You have already seen several of the WIP images showing the painting process.  These next few pictures were taken as I did the initial application of rust.

In this instance, I was using regular paint.  I want to show a few different ways to do the weathering... with paint and with the powders.

I also did as much freehand as I could, so that I could demonstrate the very nifty effect that the weathering has on it.

Just about ready to start applying those powders!

I had been doing tests for several days on the mud technique.  This involves taking the Realistic Water from Secret Weapon and mixing it with the powders.  There was a lot to discover!

I have a few images of the application process...

At this point, I began to put on the 'powdered' version of rust and soot...

I made a few streaks of rust...

This area looks much different now with some mud splatters...

But I didn't forget the underside!  Some fresh mud there :-)

I went back and forth with the powders, starting with the darker shades, making them lighter, and then putting darker mud over the top of the lighter and 'dustier' shades.