Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Fairytales live!

This very interesting miniature is part of Fairytale Games:The Battle Royale.

These were figures that were pointed out to me at GenCon, and I thought they would be fun to paint!

It definitely was!  These are all one piece cast plastic figures, very similar to Reaper BONES material.  I have a previous post under Green Brier Games that shows the unboxing, so be sure to check that out!!

There was one request, and that was to paint them in different colors than the 'standard', or official color schemes.  So, for Glinda, I went away from the blue cloak, blonde hair, etc., and went with a deeper purple look.

The makers of this game have a campaign called Folklore: The Affliction that is just 55 hours from its end, so you can catch that here:

The Free Peoples

Time to show you the first of the Warrior Nation Scalpers!  The elite line troops of the Free Peoples.

Like all the line troop boxes, there are 10 figures on the sprues, each one in a completely unique pose.  There are five long range and close combat versions, as usual.

Stay tuned for more, as they are on the way!