Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hear a whisper

The Dark Council is ready to whisper a bit of advice for you... and perhaps some influence.

This is a member of the Dark Council, who's primary function is to provide additional influence to you Wild West Exodus Posse.  That extra spot of influence here and there can either keep you alive, as I discovered, or let you re-roll an all important 5 inch blast template. :-)

There is a downside, however... as you must move them before anyone else.  They will also disappear if there is nobody near by to influence!  A battle report with not one, but two of these robed mysteries make their debut in Wappelville.

Flower power

Here's a mystery figure that I have had for a long time.  It was part of our D&D group for years... an NPC that followed around the group's bard. :-)

Now she needs a home in another adventuring party:

I love the Army Painter foliage.  It's SO much easier to use this flower product than the stuff we had used for so long.  Just take a small piece off the sheet, and glue it on!  No tearing it away from a brillo pad type substance as all the 'flowers' fall off. :-)

Let me show you my little stick...

Warning!  Very cool Reaper miniature alert!  These sorceress figures have been favorites of mine since we first started painting figures 14 years ago.

Werner does such a fantastic job sculpting these.  They are very fun to paint.

She's also available here:

I had lots of fun with the various dress colors, balancing warmer and cooler purple hues.

I did the same thing on the skin tones, using green, brighter reds and so on to create more depth...