Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The last Green Mile

While I wasn't able to find any appropriate structures to place in these photos, the hills and trees do very nicely!

In fact, I'm pretty sure these hills are featured in one of my 5 terrain videos from the Painting Pyramid, called "Building Hills and Rocks".  Go figure. :-)

I forgot how much fun those were to make!

I'm looking forward to making some desert versions of them for Wild West Exodus.  Lots of scrub, etc.

It's neat to see all of the Dragoons in one place, in an actual setting.

I combined two Hangar 18 backdrops to create the ground and sky.  The terrain pieces hold them in place, and hide the seams.

They really look like a thundering herd, that's for sure!!

Since much of the same flock and static grass was used on the hills, the bases blend into them nicely.

I will attempt to do the same with my Warrior Nation on the future mesas and hills.

We say farewell to these particular historical minis.  From here, I will be moving on to Bolt Action, some model tanks, and even those model ships!!!

Stay tuned...

A company gets the axe

Once again, lamentations over the fact that Ilyad Miniatures no longer exists.

I think they could really have done some great things with the technology that is currently available.  The details were always very finely sculpted, no matter what kind of surface or texture.  

Weapons, armor, fur, cloaks, faces, etc., were always made extremely easy to paint.

Figures that are not well sculpted or cast can take 2-3 times as long to paint, since you are quite literally fighting the texture of the miniature.  I have been through this torture all too many times over the years!

When you have finely sculpted musculature, for example, you can be even more adventurous with skin tone colors.  Here, I was able to incorporate a lot of greenish grey into the shadow areas, creating even more interest.