Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 'lost' squad of Infinity...

These guys have been in the image abyss for quite a while.  Just lost in the shuffle. 

This was an interesting color scheme for me.  Kinda different from what I would normally do.  I did learn a new way to get a deep burgundy, which was cool.  I am also pretty sure that I was just starting to use the GW glazes when this project was done.

The Infinity/War Crow figures do have a lot of nice detail on them.  The faces are nicely sculpted as well.  There are a lot of tiny little pieces to attach on them as well, which can be a challenge.

I am pretty sure that the base are from DragonForge Designs as well.

The group shot.

I also did one of these big guys.  That was quite a chunk of metal!

Here's how the Uglies play Scrabble...

Iron kingdoms RPG Daniera Madise

Here's another Privateer Press figure from back in the day.  I don't know if it has found a place in Warmachine or not since its early days in the Iron Kingdoms RPG, but it was fun to paint.

I added some dried foliage from Michaels.  Sometimes the dyes they use for those has a pretty strong scent!  There are some foliage bundles that stink like crazy even after several years!