Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Law of the Jungle

Here we have another interesting squad from Victoria Miniatures!  These are Van Deimen's World Devils.  This is a very typical 10 man squad, with all the normal weapon options you would need for your 40K games.

These figures are done in the good old style of head, torso, arms and legs being individual parts.  This is really important for creating more interesting and unique figures.  Each set is designed to be interchangeable with other sets, which means you can swap out a lot of pieces!

I added a little bit of paper jungle foliage to these guys...

While the color scheme is obviously "compressed" somewhat, I still managed to work in plenty of variations on the skin tones, clothes, packs, etc.

 I used the Vallejo Metal medium again to create the effects on the guns, mixing it with the blue and brown liner paints to create some very dark metals!

I am in the process of filming a tutorial series on another squad of Victoria Miniatures, most of which will be available only to the patrons on the Patreon Page.  It will be very similar to the existing "Army Painter" series 1 through 5, where I take you through the process of your initial shaded basecoat and glazes to the final details!

Those will be posted here very soon:  www.patreon.com/JamesWappel