Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ancient Power

And yes, I do mean ancient!  This guy has probably been out of print for many years.  I remember when we first started painting minis, you could find small boxes containing 8 miniatures.  There were a few different sets, and one of them had a variety of Chaos type characters in them.

This set had a few sorcerers, Chaos warriors, a few Beastmen... and possibly a few Skaven.  I also remember an "Adventurers" box, and a space marine one as well.

I thought it would be fun to see something this old painted up in the usual current techniques, and on a nice base.

It was a very different feel to paint one of these old one piece plastics, especially with all of the super elaborate resin kits of today!

Still, going back in time like this to a much older style of figure is a great exercise.  In some ways, it makes me more aware of the progress and advancement we have seen in sculpting, especially in recent years!

It's incredible to think of how this has all progressed with the advent of new sculpting and casting technologies.