Friday, February 1, 2013

Titles and such, more tests...

Today I filmed a video of a Raging Heroes Mantis warrior for the Non-Human Demonette flesh tone.

I think some of you have already seen the one that I painted a few weeks ago.  This one was a test of a  non-Rivet Warrior miniature, to see what the lighting would be like, the focus, etc.

I also wanted to see if I could leave myself enough 'blank space' to insert a few key bits of information.

Here's the palette... kinda wild for just 6 colors, eh? :-)

This is probably the last test in this location.  I have to shift to the new work table, as eventually we will be adding the additional magnifier lights and most importantly, the large monitor so I can get a better view of what I am doing.

This a quick set of pics part way through the filming...

And then Rich came by, so that we could work on a new bit of editing.  This is where I wanted to locate a segment in a given demo where I mention a prominent subject that draws heavily from another video.  In this case, I brought up Glazing as the technique I was using.  Whenever I do that, I want to tell the viewer where they can get more information regarding that topic.

So, we found the exact time stamps where I mentioned things like "Shaded Basecoat" and so on, and positioned a block of text in that spot which told people which video they could get more info on that technique.

Well, tomorrow is going to be a very long, busy day!!

Don't fall to pieces... painting a Hell Drake

Before I started the Hell Drake, I was fortunate enough to hear from many sources that painting this thing was 'interesting' if you didn't break it down into separate parts first!

I wanted to make these sections as large as possible, but I ended up breaking it down this way:

Here you can see me starting to put down some colors...

I was able to magnetize the two weapons on the head, by cutting them both off the main part.

A few more colors added...

Now this is just about at the stage the 2 Forge Fiends are at, waiting for some glazes and shading!

Hopefully this will save someone some time and frustration before they assemble this guy completely and find it impossible to paint!!!