Friday, January 25, 2019

Cracked Earth

As some of you who have seen the earlier posts on this project know, there were many things in this "reclamation project" which needed to be fixed or changed.  I have done some posts to show how the metal areas were changed from the original drybrushed metallics to the desired NMM.  Here's a link:

While the most noticeable change was the metal, I think you can also see a lot of differences in the skin tones and the horns.

Finally, there was one more fix that was required, and that was the basing.  The original request was for a cracked earth look, but plain rocks and gravel is all that had been done.  So, I thought this might be an interesting test of some GW material that I had gotten for my Bolt Action figures.

I had tested this on some much smaller bases, and I was very surprised at how well it worked.  If you apply it in large blobs, you will get those nice large cracks.  When you thin it down a bit and apply it a little more lightly around the edges of your deep cracks, it starts to look even more interesting and natural!

This is certainly something that I will try to fashion into a basing tutorial for the Patreon Page!  I think I will even try it on some of the Song Of Ice and Fire units, which should be very nifty.  There are already a number of basing tutorials available on the Patreon Page... here's a link so you can check that out: