Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Classic Yvonne

Way back in 2003 when we were first figuring out this miniature painting stuff, I had gotten some of these Yvonne figures (there were a few different poses) to convert for Blood Bowl teams.

Instead, they ended up being the perfect laboratory for learning how to do Sky-earth NMM.  There is a perfect variety of surfaces... sword, armor, and so on.  You have some flat areas, as well as some much more complicated rounded areas, such as the plates over the lower legs.

I wish I could find some of the original photos from those first efforts back in '02, '03... it would make an interesting side by side!

Itchin' for a fight...

Or maybe he is just itchy.  Looks like he won't have to worry about athlete's foot!

This time, I wanted to contrast some warmer browns against the cooler purple of the pustules and sores.  That meant using some glaze medium to work in that semi-transparent light color which you will se in so many of the videos.

Those 'light glazes' have become an essential technique on every miniature.  It can be especially helpful on figures such as this where I need some unusual color combinations.