Friday, January 17, 2014

On the wings of an Osprey (or eagle)

Back again with the Osprey... this time with a rider!

I cut of the very fragile spear and used a bow from one of the Raging Heroes minis (they always leave you with plenty of very useful bitz!).  I actually like this much better than the spear from a visual standpoint as well.

As you can see, I did some fun little freehand on the cloak.  Might as well, since you can actually get a decent view of it this time!

Last chance for voting on WAMP...

He is also on ebay here:

Another mystery to solve...

Well, the mayhem here continues to turn my painting schedule upside down, so tonight we have an unknown miniature.  I used to know what manufacturer made this, but my 7th all nighter in the last 5 weeks has the brain fried beyond recognition.

I call on my spies to inform me, as you have always done in the past!  It was a very fun mini to paint.  One more color test figure that I had done to prepare for one of the skin tone videos.

There was some more elaborate things that I wanted to do with the base, but the emphasis was all about testing certain paint colors for the video.

Also, Friday is the last day for voting on the WAMP forum to push this blog over the top for Blog of the Year.  Normally I don't get too anxious to win such things, but there has been a lot of frustration around the studio lately, and it would be a nice energy boost!

She is also on ebay here: