Wednesday, September 25, 2013

These skinks have a buddy or two...

I guess it's time for some group shots!  This time, on another one of the decorative plaques that I made.

Originally, this was created for a unit of cold one riders.  That was for my first Golden Demon comp in 2007.  I remember that unit getting a silver.  I used this plaque for some Salamanders at Adepticon a few years later, and the won a Rogue Demon.

I have always liked this plaque, but didn't use it for group shots such as this.  Time to rectify that!

It's very cool to see units off of the movement trays and gathered together in this way.  Of course, having an entire collection of LED daylight bulbs helps this sort of photography in more ways than I can describe.

I will go through more units like this.  Lots of fun!

I hope you folks don't mind :-)

So, onto something else!

Mantis Warriors from Raging Heroes

Back to some Mantis Warriors, this time from Raging Heroes.

I have some more of these that I have been working on for a while now, so hopefully those will show up soon :-)

Here she is with one of her sisters!

An entire unit of these would look very interesting out on the table...

More on the way...