Friday, June 20, 2014

An art thief

OK... I ran across some art and prints the other day while I was looking for a miniature.  Yes, I know that sounds really crazy, but some of the older minis have started to breed with the 2D art.

I have painted this Reaper miniature a few times over the years.  I finally have the chance to set the miniature and some 2D art in the same post!

For now, this is the only figure for which I have done this experiment.

Here we go... a drawing that I did on pastel paper of that same Lola the Thief miniature.

You can see that I approach painting the miniatures in the same way as I did my 2D art.  Building up a value pattern, creating a center of interest, working edges, and so on.

The biggest difference are the lack of a backdrop on the miniature (the base is not quite the same!), and not having to paint the "other side'. :-)

Those pesky Zombies

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets again, those darn Zombies have to go and ruin everything!

Brains are on the menu once again, but it seems like someone is rather oblivious to their impending doom.

If she would just check out the blood spattered newspaper at her feet...

She's here too: