Thursday, June 8, 2017

Barbarian Blades

The past becomes the present once again with a very old figure that I believe is from Excalibur.  I seem to recall that eventually parts of this line became Celtos... a line of figures that I really loved back in the day!

This figure might be over 17 years old, and long out of print.  Again, I can't be sure, but it was something that I had run across on ebay 15 years ago. :-)

Painting older figures like these is always a reminder of how things evolve and change in the miniatures industry over the years. While today's poses tend to be far more dynamic, that does lead to more interactions with mould lines.  "Simpler" poses such as these tend to offer more protection from those lines, as it is easier to 'hide' them.

There are some larger, bulkier surfaces, and these offer some opportunities for subtle color varieties and even freehand designs.

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