Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Playing with Fire: Part one. Painting your Rothand Studios Golem

Right at this moment, Rothand Studios has an Indegogo campaign underway.  They are offering up their massively large monsters, made in resin.

Here is the stone golem.

You will see a lot of familiar techniques and materials over these posts!  You will all recognize the usual fluorescent paints on the palette...

The fluorescent yellow is mixed with standard yellow, as well as a bit of yellow white.  This will represent our lightest and hottest colors.

Next we introduce some of the fluorescent orange, although I am still mixing in enough of the standard yellow color to 'calm it down'.

By using the large filbert brush, I have been able to keep a nice fast pace to the application of the paint.  In fact, must of the first layer of yellow is still a bit wet.  This allows me to do some blending right there on the surface of the miniature.

Working all around the miniature, the fluorescent orange mix covers the raised surfaces and the lava.

In this image, you will see that some magenta fluorescent was used.  I mixed this with some GW blazing orange.  While this was still very 'high chroma' due to the fluorescent pigments, the GW orange dulls it down slightly.  The idea is to continue the glow, but set up the subsequent layers of much darker colors.

Here's a better view as this is applied to the raised surfaces...

Don't forget the underside!! :-)

These first layers of color have now set up the next stage quite nicely.  In this next phase, we will be applying further layers of dark colors, which are also progressively cooler.  Obviously, the cooler we can make those final layers, the hotter our 'hot' colors will be!

Stay tuned, and be sure to check out that campaign.  It is Rothand Studios!

Fun new stuff from Secret Weapon

Hey folks!  A box arrived at our door moments before we were heading out to catch the plane for CMON Expo.  It was from Secret Weapon, and there were lots of goodies inside.  The two products above are things I will be testing extensively in the next few weeks.  The Pigment Fixer in particular.

That item will be essential in the "Not just for Weathering" video, where we will be using powders as a painting material, instead of just weathering effects.

My collection of pigments has also grown significantly, to at least a few dozen.  I think this is going to be an incredible experiment!

Call me a mad scientist, but I see so many possible uses for these!  I will test out the fixer, to see if that will eliminate the need to spray after each application of pigment.

I believe that it will.

While I was at CMON Expo, I only got in the dealer's room once.  I saw the giant rack of Secret Weapon washes, which made me giddy.  I wanted them all, but I bought these colors to try out in the painting area.  We were all experimenting with them, having lots of fun.  

I used them on all the figures I painted during the weekend.

Also, I am eager to try out some other Secret Weapon products.  The skulls in particular!  You will probably see those on a few (or maybe more) of the painting videos.

A little fun at the Expo

Finally, we have returned!  I have been unpacking things furiously.

We did lots of painting in the "paint and take" area, discussing techniques, materials, and so on.  More on that as we recover from the weekend.  

A variety of miniatures were provided for people to paint.  Among them were Dungeon explorer figs, like this multi-legger!  I painted this one on Saturday...

As soon as I saw this, I had to give it a try in the lava scheme.  Why?  'cause she is going to be my spider queen for the Arachnids of Evil Lord of the Rings army.  It is the perfect size.  All I have to do is get it on a 60mm base.

Now I don't have to sculpt a spider queen... yea!!!