Sunday, May 3, 2015

A town rises in the West

As promised, the full views of the complete town!

In addition to the Burn In Designs structures, there are buildings from Wild West Exodus (on the right and the left ends of the table), as well as home made terrain that Rich created.

This view shows the mesas Rich constructed of insulation foam, and the fantastic water tower!

Going back to the 'test' layout on the smaller table, you will see that we have added a number of new pieces.  Some are taller, like the water tower, while others are odds and ends that add flavor and a bit of 'spot cover'.

This view from above the water tower lets you get a look at the fantastic gaming mat that Rich discovered.  The texture and colors are amazing!!!

The center of town.  This will be my deployment zone in the coming battle.

We look more closely at one of two Enlightened deployment zones.  

They are after all the 'fresh' bodies in the graveyard.  In this image, you can see some of the headstones that Rich made.  I think we had 15 total.

The view from the other deployment zone as you enter town.  It's very ironic that Rich painted the Wild West Exodus building on the far right the same color as I painted the Undertaker's.

Main street in town.  How bloody will the Smokehouse get in this battle?

We were very happy when we stopped putting stuff on the table, looked down and saw this vista.  To think of how far this has come since Adepticon is amazing!  Thanks to Lathan for his incredible designs, and for Wild West Exodus for creating a game system that will allow us to utilize every inch of this!

That's a very rare thing nowadays.  Terrain is usually something to ignore or avoid all together.  This is a wonderful change from that norm!!