Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Million and Counting!!! A portal into another world...

Time to celebrate another milestone!!!  The blog has now surpassed 2,000,000 page views!!!  Huzzah!!!

It seems like all these big anniversaries come back to the Lizards, where is many ways it all started.

This is the second of two scratch sculpted Engines of the Gods which I made for my army.

Here are some images of the sculpting:

They were sculpted mostly from Apoxy Sculpt.  I made a tin foil armature, and then wrapped the Apoxy Sculpt around it.  I also added some green stuff and brown stuff details.

Of course, painting the portals was the most fun!

I had a blast painting these.

A closer view of the portal...

Four of a kind

Number four!

It was nice to have a few different weapons for a change.

Number five on the way...

He joins his buddies.

Just keep adding Dakka.

One more to go!