Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girl's knight out

Here we go!  Some images of the latest batch!

With all the preparations for the Adpeticon Sisters mostly complete, you will be seeing many more of these lasses.  Just in a whole new color scheme!

I really love making the marble theme bases for them, since it allows me to get in some extra freehand.  There is not so much room for it on the figures themselves.

It's also fun to see them as a group like this.

It lets me see how all those elements blend together to create a whole effect, such as the bases.

I hope that you also enjoy these kinds of images!

So, stay tuned you Sisters fans!

Dinner time!

Sometimes you just gotta have a snack.  This means that Elf Pudding is on the menu!

These little guys have quite an appetite.  There are quiet a few of them, which means lots of color transitions.  Working with greens, tans, pinks, and combinations of all together.

I have a few more stands of these on the way!