Friday, February 19, 2016

Secrets of War

Fresh from Secret Weapon Miniatures, we have some wonderful new paint colors!

These are multi-purpose, with strong pigmentation which makes them great for many techniques.

Here's a peek at the colors.  Some are obviously meant as rust, others for oil stains and streaks.

I was able to mix them with the rest of my paints and glazes very nicely, creating the colors that you will see on this Flames of War Souma 35 tank.

The reddish color you see on the palette was mixed with the Vallejo Flesh shade (wash), which created a fantastic 'sedimentation' effect that looked very similar to weathering powders!

Anywhere I painted this mixture, I got instant rust!  Not just the color, but the texture as well.  This effect even translated to the steel helmets of some French artillery crew, but that's for another article. :-)

The darker color (SW 1), was excellent for oil stains, streaking and chipping.

Here are some shots of the finished results.  Penny for scale!

I wanted to see if I could push the limits of the colors on something very tiny, and they stood up perfectly!

When painting at 15mm, you need quality paints that have strong pigmentation.  I have also been mixing these in with some of my basing colors, flesh tones, and more!  Stay tuned...