Friday, May 15, 2015

Another grand experiment begins!

As you know, one of my long term tasks over the next year is to test and play around with the Reaper Clear colors.  There are six in all, and I have been rapidly finding uses for all of them!

I painted several figures using mostly the Clear colors, mixing in a few 'regular' more opaque colors with them, as well as a few of my glazes.

The results were already intriguing, as I learned how versatile they can be!!

I used them as a straight glaze, as regular paint, thinned down with flow improver, and much more!

What better figures to begin such experiments than with the Wooster sisters (yes, that's my name for these fantastic Reaper Miniatures).  This is Betty, and like her sister Lilly, she is very fond of her "pets".  This particular pet is a Reaper BONES dire rat.

These high society ladies have brought their pets to Wappelville with them.  They find Dr. Carpathian's work to be very fascinating, and quite modern!

While very astute and experimental themselves, the Wooster sisters are continuing their experiments in town, courtesy of a lab which their Uncle, Bertram Giles Wooster (owner of the Final Slumber Funeral Parlor) has provided.

Who knows what kind of mischief might be caused if some of their 'pets' should be turned loose in the alleys of Wappelville!!

A mob of Myrmidons

The long promised group shots of the Myrmidons are here!

These are the "standard" Myrmidons, relative as that term might be.

This shot includes some of the Destructor Myrmidons.

They still remain some of the most unusual figures I have ever had to paint!

A view from the top...