Saturday, December 2, 2017

Glazing away

You have seen me using the Secret Weapon weathering paints in combination with the Reaper Clear paints.  Miniatures like this have a combination of weathered and higher saturation tones, which means that using the two together in many layers of glazes is ideal.

Both color sets can also be used in a more opaque role, which is why I love the utility of each.  The Clear paints can cover very well with the addition of just a bit of opaque lighter color.  They don't lose their intensity at all, which is very handy!

When it comes to toning down some of the colors, the Secret Weapon washes can do that very easily and naturally.  Adding a little bit of the warmer tans and yellows with the Clear Green makes a very nice warm, bright green, perfect for cloaks, etc.

I also like to use both of these paint types with the Reaper liner paints, especially on bases and other much darker areas.  They all dry completely matte, and though the shades are very dark, they are not a 'dead' black, but have enough interesting tone to them to keep your deepest shadow areas from becoming a very boring thing to look at !

With the brightness of the Clear paints available to make your highlight also stand out more, this will enhance your deep shadows as well.

I will be trying to demonstrate more of these thoughts on the Facebook live sessions with a batch of Dark Sword figures that I have been prepping furiously.  Each one will try to profile certain techniques and materials, such as oils or acrylics.

My goal is to show the same effect with different mediums, so that you don't feel limited to oils only or acrylics, etc.

Here's a link to the Patreon Page which is helping to make more of those live sessions possible!