Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Join The Herd

It just gets more Beastly with this batch from Mierce Miniatures!

As I have mentioned before, Mierce not only has an extensive range of creatures, within each range is an interesting variety of sizes.  You have infantry size such as these, but there are also units of large to very large 'infantry' as well.

I suppose this reminds me of my Lizardman army, which had small infantry, heavy and very heavy infantry.  Mierce takes that principle even further with some truly colossal sized infantry!

The regular infantry and even the monstrous infantry tend to be sold in groups of five, with champions, banners and so on.

These are all part of that same winter theme commission, so the basing and color schemes remain the same.

It can definitely be a challenge to blend this many different manufacturer's figures into one single army!

While the basing is probably the easiest thing to keep consistent throughout,  different companies have widely different ways of approaching how they scuplt certain common elements!  Certainly a challenge, especially when there's more than 5 different companies involved.