Monday, February 17, 2014

These snails are not tasty...

Time for some group shots.  Even now, the team is way too big to fit in one photo.  So here we have the Chaos Warriors.  And a buddy.

Once again, I didn't do the conversions... my job was painting :-)

These guys are pretty huge.  The bases are 30mm, so that gives you an idea.

Each one is quite unique.  I tried very hard to paint each one differently as well.

Also, I wanted to match the previous batches of rotters and pestigors.  There was less exposed skin on these guys... plus you have to factor in the shells.

Still, they do look neat all together like this!

Beware of Slime Bay!

Next up is a big batch of group shots of the rotters!

This thing is getting pretty heavy...

While I have been talking over and over again about the various colors I have been using on the sword blades for all the SE-NMM, let's not lose sight of all the fun on the skin colors.

There is only the faces and hands, but it has been important to make sure that it does not get too warm, or too pink.  I have had to mix in enough of the blueish grays to push it a bit towards the green.

This will keep the skin colors from getting 'lost' among all the nearby yellow.

In addition, the overhanging black hats determined this line of coloration.  Not only would the faces be in more shadow than usual, the skin would be reflecting those colors to some degree, much like your face reflects the color of the shirt you are wearing.

Think of that the next time you get dressed in the morning! :-)