Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Attack of the Ents

This massive treeman was a challenge just to put together, much less paint!

I think there were at least 22 "branches" that had to be glued in place.  These had to be positioned in a way that was realistic, but also less likely to break.  I didn't want too many pointing straight up, or out to the sides.  You can see that more than one branch actually points downward.

The other reason I did this was to make the upraised "arm" seem more threatening, as opposed to a mere collection of branches among the whole canopy.  I used some Woodland Scenics foliage on the base and the branches.  This is the same material that I have been adding to my historical figures, especially the large gun emplacements and weapon teams.

I used my typical shaded basecoat/glazing method, the very same one that I used in my Painting Pyramid video series.  It is always quite ironic when I paint a treeman, as the figure that was used in the glazing video was in fact a treeman!

It was the perfect subject for a glazing video.  The best way to get the colors and shading down into the unending crevices is through glazing, and this also allowed me to shift colors rapidly and easily.  Endless layers of lighter colors would have taken a tremendous amount of time.