Monday, March 18, 2013

Stuck on you... missiles and magnets

After trying out the Razorwing a few times, I am not really sure it helps me a whole lot.  It's off the board a lot, and space marine armies can have dozens of skyfire shots for pretty much nothing.

However, this is the only thing I have that has SF, so I guess it stays.  It can drop some nastiness on an enemy scoring unit late in an objective type game, although it seems like the newer fliers also do that a lot better.

I figured that I should magnetize the missiles, since I may not always want the same type of armament.  

I am going with the standard Monosythe to save on points, since they are free.

I started out by putting a magnet on the underside that was the same height as the missile pins that are on the fuselage. 

I chopped off the leading edge pins, so that I could put the metal sheet in its place...

I cut out tiny pieces of sheet metal (always make sure your magnets will stick to it when you buy it...  I found this out the hard way!) and placed them on the sponsons.

I double checked to see if the magnet was the correct height, and in a good place for balance.  Once confirmed, I did all the sponsons.

Getting there!

A quick "shake check" to see if they would stay on, which they did.

Finis!!  This was pretty basic to save time, since I don't know how often I will use this guy.  I think it would be better in multiples.  Again, I am not sure just how much this will help at Adepticon.  At least it counts as a scoring unit in one scenario ;-)

The racing teams assemble...

OK!  With the jetbikes being the featured part of the army (and the fluff!), I had to make sure that we had some interesting stuff going on with them.  This is one of the two groups of bikes that I have been working on...

Lots of bits went into these!  In the effort to make each bike and rider unique, I pirated extra parts from other bikes, vehicle sprues, and even wyche sprues.

Here's a few closer images of the bikes...

Most of the splinter rifles are magnetized, so I can change those out if I ever get the points.

I also magnetized the cluster caltrops, since those are a huge part of the plan!!

So let's go racin'!  I have a few group shots of the other batch, which is already primed!