Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You might even say it glows... Object Source Lighting

This Alastriel figure from Reaper Miniatures was an ideal candidate for the Object Source lighting video.  I needed one that had two very clearly defined 'objects' to create glowing effects and reflected light.

This way, I could show a few different colors.

Also, as you can see, the sword actually hangs down below the line of the base.  This gave me one more opportunity to create additional light reflections!

We emphasized the effects more than I normally would, so that they would show up better in the video.  Ordinarily, they would be more subtle...

Next in the queue is the "Standard NMM" figure, also from Reaper Miniatures.  Stay tuned!

Painting your big bases

With a basing version of the shaded basecoat complete, it is time to break out the washes and glazes!

You can see some washes laid out for use...concrete, sepia, blue black, armor wash and soft body black, from Secret Weapon.

This image shows that you don't have to be bashful when applying them.  I do a lot of mixing.

The concrete wash is especially helpful on the bases, since it is an opaque wash.  I frequently mix that with the other washes to tint it various shades.

When I am working on bases, I try to have paper towels or tissues handy, to remove excess wash from some of the surfaces.  This is essentially a watercolor technique!

I was using the concrete wash to create some lighter green 'mossy' areas on the rocks by mixing it with green wash.

The bases for Syl-Iriah almost complete!  You know how they turned out... :-)