Monday, September 19, 2016

The Hunter

Next up in the Skink series!  Yes, there are a great many of these... because that's just how Skinks roll. :-)

Having the various Hangar 18 foliage tufts and other leafy bits was a definite advantage this time around, as they didn't exist back in the day when I first painted the Lizardmen.

I had to make do with static grass, and plastic aquarium plants.  You have already seen some of the plastic plants, which also got a bit of an update on an earlier post.  Discovering that simple glazes could make those instantly lose that shiny plastic appearance.

I could not resist 'updating' as many of my little guys as possible by adding more of these new foliage tufts and doing those glazes.  My Vallejo glazes worked very well for this, but I am also going to test the AMMO enamel products, which could yield some different effects.

While the acrylic Vallejo products had no trouble sticking to the plastic (my biggest concern), I am guessing that oil based paints will stick even better. Stay tuned!